Modified Divisions

Our Modified Divisions are the perfect solution for wines, spirits and soft drinks as we can custom-make to suit your bottle sizes and quantities.

To provide extra stability and protection for your fragile products, a solidboard division, known as a 'U-Bend', is used as a reinforced piece within a case, if bottles are inserted after the division.

You can enjoy time and cost savings as a result of the unique, easy-to-assemble design of our modified division which speeds up packaging assembly and will always remain rigid within the case and also performs well on high speed, automated bottling and packing lines.

To ensure a professional and high-quality presentation of your product, our standard unlined chip board ranges from 650 - 1150µ microns in thickness and can be poly coated or finished to a very smooth quality to prevent product scuffing and damage during transportation and handling.

Divisions Modified 1

Modified 6 Cell

Division Modified 2

Modified 6 Cell

Divisions Modified 12 Cell 1

Modified 12 Cell

Divisions Modified 12 Cell 2

Modified 12 Cell

Divisions RIP 1

Modified U-Bend R.I.P

Divisions RIP 2

Modified U-Bend R.I.P

  • Developed specifically to protect bottled products from damage/scuffing during transit
  • Features a U-bend reinforcement for added stability and ease of bottle insertion
  • Reference code printed (if required)
  • Material thickness range from 650 - 1150µ
  • Available in range of finishes including: unlined chip (ULC), smooth, brown, PE coated
  • Choose to ship flat packed or already in the outer case as part of our One Stop Purchasing service
  • Max. cell size: 300x300x250mm/Min. cell size: 15x15x32mm
  • Max. number of cells: 196 (14 x 14) / Min. number of cells: 2
  • Performs well on high speed, automated bottling and packing lines
  • Easy to assemble
  • More efficient and cost effective than corrugate divisions
    • More on a pallet
    • Less transport/storage
  • No origination costs
  • Short lead times
Design for Sustainability
  • Bespoke designed to reduce outer case size, optimising space and material use
  • Smooth finish available as an alternative to PE coating for increase rub protection
  • FSC certified material
  • 100% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable

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Our Other Division Styles

Simple Division

Multiple configurations and cell quantities

Worker handling packaging divisions in the McLaren manufacturing base
Multi-Cell Division

A vital element used in packaging for small, high-value and fragile items

Two female workers stacking cardboard packaging dividers at the McLaren factory

Innovative solutions as result of ongoing research and development