Interlok Divisions operates a continuous programme of research and development of new cardboard products, coating materials, customisation options, manufacturing equipment and processes to ensure our dividers meet your rigorous and evolving requirements.

Understanding your product needs is our priority. This enables our design and manufacturing teams to work together with you to determine the exact board thickness needed for optimum cushioning and protection during transit, as well as division size and coating. Collectively, these elements will ensure your items are stored and shipped safely and effectively, minimising product damage and losses.

Our bespoke division solutions are cost effective, environmentally friendly and uniquely designed by our experienced team to best protect your product.

Some inspiration to create your own bespoke division

Divisions Bespoke 12 Buffer Cell 1

Bespoke 12 cell with Buffer End

Divisions Bespoke 12 Buffer Cell 2

Bespoke 12 cell with Buffer End

Divisons Bespoke 12 Mixed Cell 1

Bespoke 12 Mixed cell 1

Divisons Bespoke 12 Mixed Cell 2

Bespoke 12 Mixed cell 2

  • Divisions developed specifically to protect your unique product
  • Experienced technical support from concept to delivery
  • A vast range of options and finishes to choose from
  • Material thicknesses range from 650 – 1150µ micron
  • Available in a range of finishes including: unlined chip (ULC), smooth, brown PE coated, corrugate also available
  • Option to have your divisions printed with simple branding, directions or product identifiers
  • Packaging with the exact specifications you require to fit your product perfectly
  • Simplified logistics and purchasing - outer case and divisions available from one source
  • Our years of experience allow for a fast development process
  • Short lead times
Design for Sustainability
  • Bespoke designed to reduce outer case size, optimising space and material use
  • Smooth finish available as an alternative to PE coating for increased rub protection
  • FSC certified materials
  • 100% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable

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Our Other Division Styles

Simple Division

Multiple configurations and cell quantities

Modified Division

For extra stability within a case

Worker handling packaging divisions in the McLaren manufacturing base
Multi-Cell Division

A vital element used in packaging for small, high-value and fragile items